Retirement. I talk a lot about it these days... Because we're sneaking up on it. My mom tells me that I'm going to hate it. And my retired friends tell me that I'm going to have to find something to do every day. That I need a purpose in my day-to-day life. And I also have to factor in that whatever I find to do, I want to enjoy it as much as I have in my radio career.

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I May Have Found Something

I was doodling around on the computer at about 3:30 this morning when the thought of college golf came up. Not to play, but to coach. Understanding that I am not qualified and that I don't know if you need some sort of college degree to get hired to coach golf, I think that I'll apply for the position.

The college golf season is only a few months in the spring. When I pulled up the schedule for The University of Montana golf team from last season, I saw that they only played in one tournament in Missoula. The rest of the tournaments were all on the road. Places like St. George, Utah, Maricopa, AZ, and other places that are all warm.

Remember that I am not qualified, nor is the position open. But it gave me something to think about. Maybe I could be an assistant coach. Think of the perks—a new golf bag in school colors. Unlimited range time. Traveling to play golf is paid for by the school.

I like the sound of all of those.

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