road rage

Beet Truck Season
Huge, lumbering, but slow moving beet trucks are going to be on the area roads for the next few weeks. And you've got to be aware.
They move slow, because they are full of beets. Tons and tons of them. And in today's "road rage" world, you're just going to have to let…
Road Rage Incident
The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a firearm discharge during what may have been a road rage incident Tuesday night in Lockwood. No one was injured and the people involved have been identified and spoken with, according to Sheriff’s Lt...
Held At Gunpoint
There was an incident in Billings yesterday where a road rage incident led to man being run over and the assailant being held at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived.
I see mostly positive things from this story.
#1. Get a hold of your emotions when you're behind the wheel...