• Jake's west. Wednesday. Lobster Bisque soup day. A couple of things. That soup is awesome. But, it hasn't placed any extra burden on Maine's lobster fisherman.
  • Next. There was apparently some sort of traffic incident which caused a big white Ford pickup to hit his horn. Then hit it again. Then a third time and just held it for several hundred feet while he tailgated the alleged offender. You're mad. We get it.
  • We got some great calls this week. One where I told the story of how Charlie Daniels won a golden fiddle.
  • We learned about the cancellation of all the Alive After 5's. It seemed a little premature to me. Maybe I'll invite people over to my place every Thursday all summer.
  • I am trying a lot harder to go the way the arrows are pointing at grocery stores so that I don't get any dirty looks. Hey, sticks and stones.
  • Some citizens in Red Lodge are calling for a police officer to be fired for posting something pro-republican on his private Facebook page.
  • 54 holes of golf this week. No birdies but fabulous weather. And speaking of golf, my niece Kherington and I went to the driving range for her very first experience with golf. Don't know if she will be on the tour someday, but I know that I'll be her caddy if she does.

Another week of loving my job. Thanks for listening all these years.

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