Selling My Pickup With Style
I've bought a newer pickup, so I need to sell my current rig. But rather than do another run of the mill ad with 3-5 photos and a bland list of the options, I'm using my years of copywriting experience to try to entice somebody to buy it.
Ford vs Chevy vs Dodge vs Whatever You Drive
Here's a couple from this morning:
I named my dog "Chevy", because I know he'll never leave the driveway.
2 of the hardest working pieces on a Ford are the hood and toolbox lid.
Give me some of yours, please. Clean ones.
Billings Driver Harassing Bicyclists [VIDEO]
I was driving on Fourth Avenue a headed toward MetraPark when I saw a White Ford diesel truck purposefully covering bicyclists and pedestrians in plumes of exhaust. I know that this can't be new.
In fact, I would imagine this happened shortly after diesel-powered vehicles were invented, but I ha…
What Kind Of Car Can I Buy With $1,000?
My daughter is getting ready to turn the big "16" in about a month and with tax season still here and our "$1,000 Tax Refund" contest going on, it made me wonder..."What kind of car could I get my daughter for $1,000"?
Scotty McCreery Gets a New Pickup Truck
This has been a great week for Scotty McCreery. Not only did the ‘I Love You This Big’ crooner have his first album ‘Clear as Day’ debut at No. 1 on the Billboard album charts, but he also celebrated his 18th birthday (which was on Oct. 9) by getting his v…