These mashed potatoes have been a huge hit at our family get togethers my entire life.  The only thing is, they come out Orange.  Once someone tries them, the fear of the Orange is gone, and so are the spuds!

My recipe  (Gravy is below the potatoes)

German Holiday Potatoes:

2 potatoes for each person you're serving.  (White or yellow work the best)

1/2 the amount of whole, uncooked carrots as potatoes.

1 big onion (I use 2, but I really like onions) (white or yellow work the best)

Bacon, about a pound, if you're having lots of people over

Lots of real butter


Fresh Garlic



Wash all the spuds, don't peel them, then quarter them.  Peel and cut carrots in half.  Skin the onion(s) then quarter it. Throw the garlic in there.  Boil them all together until they're soft enough to blend it with your mixer.  (Save, at least, a cup or so of the water to make your gravy.)

While you're boiling everything, fry up the bacon crispy, and crush it into chunks.  (Save some of the grease for your gravy.)

Take all of your ingredients, except the bacon, mix them with your hand mixer.  You'll need to add butter and milk as you go for the correct firmness.  (I usually use, a minimum, of 2 sticks of butter.  My seasonings include, Lowrey's Season Salt (The brand on season salt matters.), a touch of Slap your Momma, Italian Seasoning, pepper, sea salt, and Mrs. Dash, the chunky kind.)

Then, with a spoon, blend in the bacon, put some butter, sea salt and other pretty things, like paprika, on top and serve.

You can serve with or without gravy.


Water from potatoes

a little bacon grease



Smoke seasoning


Mix your cornstarch with cold water and set aside.

Mix the potato water, grease, milk, a little smoke, seasonings and heat to boiling.

Pour in cornstarch, stirring constantly with a fork, until thick.  Remove from heat immediately.

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