Hey Cat Pack!  I want to build a cook book that's full of real home cooking.

I'm so tired of trying to find something new to cook, and it's all this exact science stuff. (My mom didn't allow me to cook that way, and frankly, I think it should be illegal!!!  Well, maybe not illegal, but discouraged.)  So many great dishes come out of experimenting.    I usually take a recipe and just build on it myself anyway.  Isn't it time we had our own cook book?

That means I don't want to see any recipes that call for a cup of this or a teaspoon of that.  (Unless it's absolutely necessary, like yeast or something.) I'm looking for real down-home cooking that you learned from mom or grandma.  Real recipes that say, "use enough potatoes for how many you're feeding, some butter, and corn starch.  Mix it all together and put it on bread for about a half hour on 350" .  (Keep in mind, that's just a bunch of things that came to me, I have no idea why you'd put corn starch in potatoes!)

Monday, you'll find my German Holiday Potatoes recipe, and you'll see exactly what I mean.  Livin' Large Larry is going to share his meat loaf recipe.  If this goes really well, and I'm in a really generous mood, I may even share my spaghetti sauce recipe.  Totally home-made, and I only teach it to my kids, as it took me years to perfect.  (I'm kind of a big deal in the spaghetti sauce world!)

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