The Taylor Swift and John Mayer drama returned to the headlines this week, when Mayer admitted to being humiliated by Swift’s song ‘Dear John,’ which was reportedly her musical retort to their rumored short-lived relationship, which took place when they worked on music together in 2009. The guitarist also called the tune “cheap songwriting.” Adding insult to injury, Swift and Mayer had an uncomfortable near run-in at West Hollywood’s Tower Bar on Tuesday night (June 5). Now that’s what we call a textbook case of “awkward.”

The New York Post reports that Swift, 22, hit the Hollywood hotspot and was about to be seated when she spotted Mayer, 34, at a table nearby, dining with a friend. That’s when Swift “very visibly –in front of the entire restaurant- demanded to be moved to the other side,” according to a source on site.

“The bar’s usually an oasis of calm and privacy for celebrities and power players, but this was drama central,” the insider claimed.

Despite this report, Gossip Cop claims to have spoken to a Swift source, who said that there was no confrontation nor was their any drama. In fact, there’s no proof that Swift ever laid eyes on Mayer, who was confirmed to be at the location.

Swift is a class act, and while she is confessional about her relationships in her lyrics, we can’t imagine that she would make a big spectacle or a scene in public. She’s too dignified for that.

The ‘Mean’ singer hasn’t publicly responded to Mayer’s comments about or criticisms of her, so it feels like she is taking the high road. It’s likely that she’d have kept calm and carried on if she did indeed spot Mayer.


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