The Votes Are In President Donald Trump’s Star To Be Removed
As of last nights vote the West Hollywood City Council has approved the proposal that asked that the Presidents star on the Hollywood walk of fame be removed. Reports say the vote was unanimous. As I am sure you have seen in the past few months in the news that the star has become subject to a lot o…
Taylor Swift and John Mayer Have Near Run-In in West Hollywood
The Taylor Swift and John Mayer drama returned to the headlines this week, when Mayer admitted to being humiliated by Swift’s song ‘Dear John,’ which was reportedly her musical retort to their rumored short-lived relationship, which took place when they worked on music together in 2009. The guitaris…
Your Kid Could Be Famous!
Want to see your child on TV or the movies? You could make it happen this week, since there are Hollywood talent scouts right here in Billings this weekend.
Jason Aldean Considering Acting Career
Jason Aldean seems to have this “country music” thing in the bag — he is the genre’s best-selling artist of the year, after all. So, what’s next?
It sounds like a jump to Hollywood could be in the cards for the ‘Dirt Road Anthem&…