Tim McGraw is on the hunt for his next movie role, but in his words, “The hardest thing is timing. You can read 50 scripts and not find anything that you like.”

The country superstar last dazzled moviegoers two years ago in ‘Country Strong,’ his starring role alongside actress/sometimes singer Gwyneth Paltrow. Before that, the ‘Truck Yeah’ singer landed a role in the award-winning flick ‘The Blind Side,’ which earned Sandra Bullock her first Academy Award. When it comes to his status as a movie star, how does the singer relate his budding big-screen career to his main gig?

“It’s much like finding songs,” says McGraw. “You could listen to thousands of songs and find those magic things. For me, it all has to start with a script, of course. And if that’s not right, then nothing’s right.”

Despite his past success, McGraw does admit he isn’t yet in a place in his career to get preferential treatment in casting. ”I’m not at a point yet where I see that role and say it’s mine,” says the singer. Much like some onscreen roles, McGraw has turned down Broadway opportunities when production conflicted with his most important role — that of husband and father.

“There’s a new Broadway musical that I had to turn down,” McGraw shares. “I wouldn’t say no to anything off-hand, but I tend to, when it comes to movies.” He adds, “I sort of like the darker side. I like heavy movies, so I don’t know if you could find one that fits that criteria.”

Until McGraw is able to find the perfect script, the singer will no doubt remain busy as a recording artist. He is currently prepping the release of ‘Truck Yeah,’ his first single under his new Big Machine label home. The road warrior is also touring the country as part of the all-arena Brothers of the Sun Tour with Kenny Chesney, with dates scheduled through the end of August.

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