My wife works in the education field and I personally know at least a half a dozen teachers. I often hear people complain about teachers unions and the National Education Association for political reasons and unfortunately those attitudes spill over toward individual teachers. The truth is though, that most teachers aren't doing it for the money. They do it because they love developing young minds.

To prove my point look at the graphic above. Not only are most teachers (other than administrators) not making big money they often dig into their own bank accounts for supplies that schools are often short on or don't supply at all due to what we're all familiar with in the current economy... budget cuts. Often we're reminded (as we should be) about the bravery of our armed forces and to make sure to thank them for their service when we run into service members in public. I would add teachers to the list of people we should thank in public for their caring, dedication and selflessness.

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