Instead of my usual "Friday Fragments, I wanted to talk about something else. (Although finding out that the sand crane is often called "The Lobster Of The Sky" would have been interesting reading.)

I want to talk about the relationships we have with people who have listened to us for a long time.

"Tana The Teacher" has been listening to or station and coming to promotions for as long as I can remember. Back when Paul and I were having lunch at area schools, she contacted us about visiting tiny Morin School south of town.

They were so small that they didn't even have an actual lunch program. So Godfather's Pizza gave us some pizzas to run out to them. And while we were there, we gave them a quick lesson in basketball.

We sure had a lot of fun and I realize that I have played basketball in almost every gym in any direction for about 100 miles.

But that relationship is 30 years old and when we see each other, we just pick up the conversation from where we left it last year.

So, Tana, thanks for coming last night and for the last 32 years. We'll see you November 9th at The Stadium Clbm for the trip give away.

Good luck!

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