The older I get the more birthdays just become another number. To be honest with you, I never really celebrated my birthday until I got into adulthood and my wife made me celebrate.

Anymore it's hard to get through the day without my wife and kids singing next to a birthday cake and present.

Hot Rod Thompson, TSM
Hot Rod Thompson, TSM

If it wasn't for them I would probably just pass through the day like any other day.

It's sad but my birthday has never been that important to me.

I am very thankful for my family who never let's me forget that I am important to them on this day. They are the only present that I ever really need or want.

My birthday is actually today (August 8th) but my family and I celebrated over the weekend. They got me a really nice cake, a new shirt, a card and the best feelings of being appreciated I have ever felt.

Thank you Christyn, Rodney, Ashton, Corban, Ryder and McKenzie for a great weekend. I love you all.

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