Tim Defrisco/Getty Images
Tim Defrisco/Getty Images

The BAD BOYS are back! Saturday night at Rimrock Auto Arena.  I don't care how old you are, they show never really gets old. Something about the roar of 1,200 horsepower and the sweet smell of racing fuel just gets my heart pumping.

I've taken the kids so many times I can't count.  I swear, he can't hear me yell at him to feed the dogs or take out the trash, but the second the commercial for the Monster Trucks comes on the radio or he hears it on TV he has super human hearing powers. Weird, right?

Something new this go-around. They have kids power wheel races. You know, the little battery powered jeeps and Barbie mobiles that your kid just HAD to have and now mainly sits unused? Rules state you must provide your own vehicle and that it can not be modified. That cracked me up. Stock power wheels ONLY! Ha. Like I was gonna slip a twin turbo under the hood.

Get full details and ticket info HERE. Have a great weekend!


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