A couple of things about the water. Specifically in Billings.

Since there is so much of it right now, shouldn't everyone get a discount? I mean after all, when there is a big supply of everything else it gets cheaper. So why not water?

Everyone should be able to take as much out of the big ditch as they can. Everyone should be watering their grass too, to help lower the river. Every bit helps right?

One more thing: All of you people who ran to the stores to hoard all the bottled water, I hope you don't all leave those things in the sun too long.

The city of Billings even announced that you would still have all the drinking and bathing water you needed, but we had to give it twelve hours or so and let them get it back on. But no, panic still happened and people ran to the store and fought for the bottled stuff.

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Meanwhile, people who could really use it in Carbon County and Gardner among other places watched you show your true colors. I hope you had to pay twice as much as normal for that. Shame on you.

By the way, Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers who helped raise your kids right and who would have never thought about themselves first. In fact, you were probably thinking if there was anything you could do to help the people that really needed it. Putting the others first in their time of peril.

I need a weekend off. I'm losing faith in humanity.

Happy Father's day and see ya Monday.

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