Things that I was wrong about in this ever-changing world. And there were many.

I remember hearing about some things that were coming soon to our town. And I remember laughing because I didn't think that people would buy them.

"People are not going to pay money for water in bottles" - said me. The bottled water industry rung up almost 17 billion dollars just in 2020 according to Grand View Research. So, ya, I kinda missed that one by a little bit.

My next giant misstep was doubting what consumers would be willing to pay for a cup of coffee. "People are NOT going to pay five bucks for a cup of coffee." Again, said by me. I also missed that by about $45.8 billion because that's how much that industry did as of June this year, Reuters reported.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

And my biggest miss was Amazon. And not because I didn't think that there was a demand by consumers to get danged near everything under the sun delivered right to their front doors. But rather I just didn't think that I would see it in my lifetime.

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Well, the very efficient folks at Amazon proved me extremely wrong. And on top of that, I find myself using their service quite a bit. I don't buy any cleaning supplies at Walmart anymore. I just click on a couple of spots and it shows up on my front step a couple of days later. Kinda handy.

I'll be watching the comments under this article on Facebook after it's posted to see if any old girlfriends want to chime in about the million other things that I've been wrong about.

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