Imitation is the highest form of flattery, or so they say.  Blake Shelton might not feel that way after viewing our top five worst Blake Shelton covers.  Who will be ranked #1 worst cover?

5)  Thrasherking - Ol' Red

The Thrasherking tries to entertain us with Ol' Red, but he just can't do Blake Shelton justice.


4)  Dubtrois - Austin

Dubtrois tries to give us a vocal rendition of Austin, but we can't hate on him too much as it is his first video.


3) George Wooden - Home

George Wooden tries to bring us Home.  Tries to.


2) brittbrittlovessoccer - God Gave Me You.

brittbrittlovessoccer sings God Gave Me You.  Hopefully she picked up some pointers at the concert.  We'll cut her some slack since she's a kid, maybe she'll grow up to be the next Carrie Underwood.


1) TaylorSwiftLover0 - Footloose

TaylorSwiftLover0 tops the list with his version of Footloose.  Yikes.

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