When you go behind the scenes with Blake Shelton, you know you are in for a laugh. Or two. Or 20. The singer took fans inside his world when filming the video for his cover of ‘Footloose,’ which coincided with the remake of the film. Shelton shared his memories pertaining to the film like only he can!

“I remember more about the soundtrack than actual movie,” Shelton says. “That song, ‘Let’s Hear it For the Boys.’” Turns out someone in his elementary school in Oklahoma used to bring it out and blast it repeatedly on the playground. For a long, long time. “She had one of those flat cassette players and used to bring it out every recess and play it for two months. It was a big deal,” Shelton says.

As for his own cover of the film’s theme song, Shelton was not nervous to show off his take on it, since he “was not going into it to remake a song just because it was on the radio.” Even so, Shelton did not want to take too much creative license with the song or divert too much from the melodic path with his version. The result is an incredibly loyal cover, infused with signature Shelton twang.

Shelton also enjoyed watching his band play and have their “star moments” on the video monitors after he finishing shooting his parts of the video. He joked that this footage would likely get cut from the final video.

Watch Blake Shelton Behind-the-Scenes of His ‘Footloose’ Video

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