New for Christmas 2018, it's Monopoly for Millennials from Hasbro.  I honestly think Hasbro made this game because they expect parents with kids older than 25 who still live at home to give it as a joke gift.

Whatever the case, it's got a few millennials "triggered" and complaining about the games negativity.  In their defense, it relies on stereotypes which no doubt intentionally get under some people's skin.

Some of the reviews include:

Just Baby boomer propaganda. Can we get a Monopoly for Boomers, with every space being low wages and not understanding credit. Uh oh you landed on housing market crash    - via


I would give no stars if I could. I saw this product in Walmart and it just made me sad. I live in a place where housing is very expensive and this game would be depressing. Spots on the game board are - Go live with your parents, Go live on your friend's couch. It says on the front "Forget real estate, you can't afford it anyway." I think Milton Brady made a misstep on this one. Sad commentary on society. And $44 on Amazon - please.  -  via

It is in fact $42 on Amazon, but Walmart is selling it for much cheaper if you're interested.

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