On the surface it would seem free is the best price for anything and free beer has to be right at the top of the list. There is a hidden hazard to brewskis someone else pays for however... it's much easier to become inebrieated. When you pay for your own ales and lagers you can keep count which helps you know to say when... BUT when the sweet nectar of the gods is provided gratis you just keep saying yes (I know I do) and before you know it you're dancing with a lamp shade on your head which is not a good look... unless you're Jana Kramer! One time I was so hammered from free beer I ended up taking a big swig from the "friendship mug". I think I was the 12th of about 25 people to do so... something I never would have done had I been paying for my own adult libations. All that said, if you see me at Uber Brew or Angry Hank's I will never turn down a free beer!

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