Let's go over a couple of things this week in Farmer Finishers.

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Do you know about expiration dates on your food? Well, read my other article and find out.

This morning on the radio I came up with six different definitions for the word "SHOT". How many can you come up with?

Applying for the Emily Pennington Scholarship by The Breakfast Flakes

Don't forget about our Emily Pennington scholarship that we are offering. Any special needs or students with disabilities that are attending school, high school, college, Vo-tech, or community colleges can be awarded a $1000 scholarship to help with tuition. Be sure to get a hold of us through e-mail or message and let us know your interest. School starts soon so get on it soon.

Emily Pennington rally in Billings, MT
Credit: Aaron Flint

Making schools safer in Montana

We're also working with K316 Detection to provide drug dog sniffs at schools around the area. We'll pay for Mira the drug dog to come and do a search at your school. We already have schools that are taking us up on the offer.

Mira from K316 Detection Billings MT
Credit: Trent Flager

It's good to know what is within the hallways at school and we are committed to helping you provide a safe and drug-free environment for the kids. Our metal detectors are already in many of them and this is just another way to help.

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Fire hazards in Yellowstone County are high risk now

Finally, watch it out there this weekend. We are not very wet anymore contrary to what TV people tell you. Safety chains are becoming a huge nightmare for firefighters on the roads so please double-check them. All of us would benefit from minimizing that risk.

Good luck to Red Lodge; hope you have a great profitable weekend now that the pass is open. It's like Christmas in July.

Beartooth Highway in Spring
Credit: Rachel Helgeson , Townsquare Media

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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The Breakfast Flakes in Red Lodge, MT LIVE

Mark and Paul from The Breakfast Flakes morning show headed to Red Lodge, Montana July 1, 2022 for a live production following flooding damage to the area. They encouraged listeners to visit Red Lodge this summer.

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