Garth and Trisha love to meet amazing people as they tour across our great nation and we would like to give them the chance to meet someone special in your life. Your Prizefighter! Whether that is someone who has overcome a seemingly impossible challenge, or someone who is fighting a battle in their life now, Mark and Paul want to hear your story.

The idea to celebrate this special someone comes from Trisha's song, Prizefighter, a powerful song about her mother's battle with cancer.

"The song "PrizeFighter" describes for me the fight we all fight, whatever it is. It's the courage to get up every day and give it your best shot, no matter the odds. For me, I learned that strength from my mama, Gwen. She went toe to toe with breast cancer, and though she lost her battle, she fought every step of the way with grace, dignity, humor, and love. She's my prizefighter. "

Maybe your Prizefighter is battling health problems, or maybe they put on a uniform and devote their life to protecting others. Whatever makes them a "Prizefighter" to you, tell your story in the form below. Make sure you put your contact information (name, e-mail and phone number) in the form below and not the contact information of the person you are nominating.

If Mark And Paul select your Prizefighter, they'll receive two tickets to the Saturday, June 10th show at the Rimrock Auto Arena. They and their guest will also have the opportunity to meet Garth and Trisha!

Standard Contest Rules apply. Winner and their guest must be able to provide a valid photo ID and my be subject to additional eligibility and screening requirements by Pearl Records. You are allowed to nominate yourself if you are over 18 years of age.  If chosen winner is under 18, they must be accompanied by an adult.

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