Let me start by saying that if you didn't hear Paul's tirade yesterday on why we should be nicer to people who are visiting us for 3 days out of their lifetime than we should be to the people who live here and support small business the rest of the time, you really missed a good one.

I don't own a motorcycle. I did 25 years ago. And even back in my 'bulletproof" days, I couldn't believe how many time I almost got run over every time I rode it. Drivers don't see you as well as they see cars. It's just the way it is.

I've seen all of the "Keep An Extra Eye Out For Motorcycles" posts on Facebook. But, the truth of the matter is, that if you are riding, it's YOU that needs to be more aware.

Than there's the issue of no helmet law in Montana for adults. Which I happen to agree with. It should be your choice. It's obviously less safe, but it's your life. It's just hard to defend that when we have a seat belt law in the same state.

So, I'll be even more "motorcycle aware" than I usually am the next few days of the Wing Ding. I hope you will too.