Do you still have your third molars, or wisdom teeth? These teeth grow under the gumline, so teens and adults might not realize they are there until they start to cause serious issues.

Your regular dentist likely monitors the presence and development of third morals during your routine exams and would suggest having them removed before they are fully developed, as the surgery and recovery both are easier at that point.

"The removal process is usually quicker with fewer complications if they are removed early because the roots of the teeth may not be fully developed, and recovery from surgery is typically faster and easier at a younger age," according to Billings Oral Surgery.

Here are three reasons the experts at Billings Oral Surgery also suggest having third molars removed sooner rather than later:

1) Third molars can grow in a way that pushes other teeth out of alignment, which can lead to patients needing braces (even if they already had them when they were younger.)

2) Third molars increase your risk for periodontal disease, which can cause "swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and pain in the mouth — even bad breath," according to Billings Oral Surgery.

3) Third molars leave you vulnerable to tumors and cysts that can damage health teeth and the jaw.

Billings Oral Surgery's team specializes in wisdom teeth removal, as well as the treatment of infections or defects in the face and mouth. To learn more about anesthesia options and the process of removing third molars, visit Billings Oral Surgery's website here.

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