I'm not a good sleeper...never have been.  This problem seems to be getting worse with age, so I started looking into things that cause it. There were some obvious ones (lots of carbs, sweets, or caffeine before bed), but one that surprised me.

Apparently, aspartame, the artificial sweetener found in all kinds of food and beverages, is known to cause insomnia, confusion, and bad moods. Wow! I'm three for three on that.  Perhaps my daily Diet Mountain Dew intake is the cause of my sleepless nights.

The whole "artificial sweeteners" category can apparently contribute to depression as it blocks certain neurotransmitters which can leave us with bad moods, headaches, and other side effects.

It's probably not a news flash to health-conscious people that artificial sweeteners aren't great for you, but I certainly wasn't familiar with all of the side effects until I read this article.

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