Like many people in my age demographic, I have been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern technology that I use now. And that holds true with the apps on my smartphone.

I like the ones where I can set up alerts for breaking local news stories and severe weather. The first thing I do every morning is check the forecast to see what has changed (you can get this information on the Cat Country App, too).

I ran across the McDonald's app and read up on it this morning. You get a free large fries for just downloading their app. They also have "Free fries Fridays" and you can order your food from your phone. I'm not kidding. Then, you can skip the line and either go through the drive-in or skip the line and pick it up curbside.

For me, this is the kicker: You don't have to pick which McDonald's. They already know. THEY. Know. They can tell which store that you're closest to when you order.

Big brother is watching.

I use the Marco Polo app every day. On it, I can record video messages for friends and relatives that they can watch at their convenience. Now I hear from my mom every day.

Last weekend, I finally sat down and went through my Albertsons app and went crazy. I got t-bones steaks for $ 5.88 a pound. I also saved over a dollar a twelve-pack on Diet Pepsi, so I stocked up.

In addition to saving money on select items, you can earn rewards that you can redeem for discounts on other items, free eggs, or to save up to one dollar per gallon on up to twenty-five gallons of gas.

What are your favorite apps?

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