It's not me. And if you're reading this, it's not you either. Because we are good drivers. Drivers who don't make mistakes when we're behind the wheel.

But, sadly, there are some drivers out there in Billings who are not. So this article is for them. For the purpose of this article, I will call him "The Guy" so as to not specifically offend anyone that I will point out.

I'm doing quite a bit of driver's instruction with my daughter as she needs to get in a certain number of hours behind the wheel before she can go get her actual license, so I'm hyper-aware of good driving technique lately.

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With our big hail storm this weekend resulting in some fairly deep standing water, don't be "The Guy" who has a car that's only a few inches off the ground and then plows through water that is halfway up to the door. If you feel the need to splash around please go home and get your boat and get on a lake.

Roundabouts. There are two kinds of these. The first one is "The Guy" that not only doesn't get the rules of how these were designed to work. He just doesn't care. And by the looks of what he's driving, he's not afraid to hit things either. The second type of person at roundabouts is waiting until the whole thing is empty. You don't honk at these people. That makes them wait longer.

Other little tips for "The Guy" include parking between the stripes at the grocery store. "The Guy" also probably tailgates but doesn't know what tailgating is. Bless his heart.

Follow me for more driving tips. But not too closely.

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