I often check on the "Billings Reckless Drivers" page on Facebook, when I need a chuckle. I had no idea that most of the contributors to that page think that there should be a long term prison sentence for not using your blinker.

But that's not what this is about. What's your pet peeve on our roadways? Mine must be tailgating. And not just when I'm the one being followed too closely. It's the 2 second rule, people! I don't tailgate. But, if we are confessing our driving sins, here are mine:

Forgive me officer, for I have done the following. Speeding. And a lot. I speed a lot, and it's generally quite a bit higher than what the speed limit sign suggests. Next, running red lights. I'm doing this more than I used to. I see more people doing it more often, so I started doing it. Doesn't make it right, but hey, I've got places to be too.

I use my blinkers so infrequently, that I can't even say for sure that my vehicles have them. They probably do. I'll have to check.

Let's see what else. I talk on my cell phone while driving. Constantly. Stop signs are merely suggestions to me. But, my favorite has always been "illegal speed contest". In fact, got involved in one yesterday morning. Dear "Guy in the blue Ford with the lift kit and darkened windows",  congratulations on your 2nd place finish.

Sincerely, "The White Wind"!

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