I don't think anyone necessarily needs a smart watch, but they do have a couple of useful features I thought might be handy for me. In addition to getting your notifications on your wrist, being a replacement for the phone should you happen to leave it home, and living out any childhood Dick Tracey style fantasies, most of these watches have a set of biometric functions that monitor your activity, sleep and heart rate.

In the few days I've had this, the one thing that has become obvious is that I don't move my body enough each day. In other words, I spend way too much time at a desk doing exactly what I'm doing right now. If I sit too long, this one will give me a reminder to get up and move around. I'm not sure that there is a huge benefit in that, but knowing the amount of calories I burn in a day has been a bit of an eyeopener. I think anyone who has a job that involves mostly sitting needs to make a plan to work in some exercise each day. I haven't made it that far yet, but it's on my to-do list.

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