How long are you willing to wait on-hold before you give up and hang up?

I am usually fairly tolerant in these situations but this time was a little different than normal and I could not take it.

I had something go wrong with my internet connection at home and my wife needed it badly for schooling things. I left before my show started yesterday to help with the issue thinking it would be a simple reset on their end and I would be right back.

That didn't happen.

When I got home I called the provider and pressed the number for tech support. I waited on the line for over 10 minutes before someone answered and told me that I needed such and such department and they would transfer me. I then waited for at least another 15-20 minutes.

As I went to hang up I faintly thought I heard someone answer. I double checked and sure enough they were finally there.

From there it literally took about 30 seconds for them to jump start the problem and fix it.

I barely made it back in time to go on air.

How long can you wait before you just give up? 406-248-5665

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