Music has always been important to me. After all, I grew up in a musician's house. My musician father also had the morning shift at KMON radio in Great Falls. The Country Giants. Serving 48 Montana counties and 3 Canadian provinces) I feel like I come by my love of music quite naturally.

When I was at Walmart the other day, I was checking out the selection of vinyl records that they had for sale. I, personally, don't buy vinyl anymore. But somebody must. because Walmart had a decent selection.

Credit: Mark Wilson
Credit: Mark Wilson

As a bonus for you today, I will now give you a portion of what I tell my daughter on this topic. "These days you just tell your phone to play songs you like. Back in my day, it was an album hunt. You had to work a little bit to find the records that you were looking to buy."

The K-Mart was the retailer closest to my house, so that's where I started. Then on to Skaggs Drug. They had albums for sale and at the time, so did Sears, J.C. Penny's, Montgomery Wards, and assorted music stores that came into the mall.

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Then my best friend's grandmother Reynolds opened her own record store, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Once you decided on an album to buy, you had to wait until you could go back to that store with your folks because then your new prized possession would be dropped while you were on your way home on your ten-speed.

My vinyl das are behind me. I've got seventeen boxes worth that I haven't unboxed in almost twenty years. I'm just too cheap to throw them out.

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