I wish you could hear what we hear every day here at the studio. Business owners in tears pleading for the governor to give them their life back. It's depressing. We are wanting to help so much but feel like we've been neutered by our governor. I'm frustrated that everyone who has worked hard and put forth the effort to live a clean life and take care of their health has been punished. We are not asking the people who smoke, are overweight, have bad diets, have high blood pressure etc. to change. By Christmas, we want a vaccine or cure for the ones most vulnerable, the majority of which have a self-induced health problem. It's not all of the cases but it's the majority. 1,068,800 people in Montana are paying the price for the current 200+ that are infected. All I can say is hang in there, stay healthy and keep fighting. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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