I'm sure you have all seen the map that shows how many people have tested positive for the virus in each county. Well, we need a new map that shows how many people have lost their jobs from the virus. Put the number in each county. In case you don't know what the number is, the Billings Gazette reported in their coverage of the Governor's April 7 press conference that "The state has seen more than 105,100 payment requests for unemployment benefits since the first four COVID-19 cases were reported here March 13." If you divide that by how many employees we have in Montana (491,024 according to datausa.io) that's 21% of workers in Montana estimated to have lost their jobs because 31 people have been hospitalized from COVID-19. 31 as of 11:41 a.m. on April 8, 2020. Some already out, treated and gone. Only 31 are serious enough to seek help at a hospital.

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