Meet "Football Baby". He is a retro toy about two feet tall. For the past few years Football Baby has lived on a shelf in our living room.  My little baby girl Hadley (16 months) used to LOVE Football Baby.  We'd walk by, or she'd see him and get excited. It was all fine and dandy. Until...

About a week ago when I put batteries in Football Baby.  He sings the Monday Night football song. He used to dance as well, but that feature apparently has not worked for some time. Anyway, my real baby saw singing Football Baby and FREAKED OUT.  Absolutely terrified.  And she's not scared of anything.

So we took Football Baby off the shelf. For now he is hiding in the red plastic tub above.  I tried taking Football Baby out a few days ago to see if Real Baby has forgotten her fear.  Nope. Still terrified.

What are some odd things that scared the crap out of your little one?  I'd love to hear them!

Next time,


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