I have recently thought about doing some downsizing in my world. Of course, at this point, I haven't actually done much downsizing.

As I was sitting on my porch last night enjoying a tasty beverage (made in Golden, Colorado) I looked at our portable basketball hoop, I wondered if maybe it was time to give this thing to somebody who will actually use it.

Basketball Hoop
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

The last time my daughter and her friends shot any baskets on it was about three years ago. And she ended up picking volleyball over basketball anyway. So she and I haven't got into a good game of H.O.R.S.E in quite a while.

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But at the same time, it occurred to me that giving the hoop away means that I am acknowledging that our little girl is growing up. I don't want her to. Even though she is.

So I tried to talk myself into keeping it. I mean, if I keep it, I still COULD go shoot some free throws. Even though I never do. I mean I didn't get to be the all-time best basketball on our street without shooting a few 1,000 three-pointers, free throws, and layups.

Credit: Cat Country
Credit: Cat Country

Another selling point would be that for the last several summers the pole has been home to several thousand wasps that otherwise would have had to find another place to live.

I have to move it every time to accommodate my 4-wheeler trailer.

I guess this helps me make up my mind. It's gone.

Next, I talk myself into getting rid of the swing set.

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