The MHSA announced that it will now combine basketball tourneys.
If schools have boys and girls playing at different venues it costs the school more money, plus the fan base has to split up. This is better for families and schools alike...
I'm Out
I had Arizona vs Kansas in the final game for the pool at our house with Arizona winning it all.  It's going to cost me $100 in prize money again.  Funny though that I only get the $5 entry fee from my dad.  Oh well, that's what dads are for...
See Sportsmanship in Action
This weekend Billings is hosting the "Above The Rim" 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. 
This is a three-day event dedicated to skills, sportsmanship and competition. The registration was wild this year; every bracket is completely filled.
How People Wasted Time At Work Before Facebook
Back in the day, before people could check their comments on Facebook, play Candy Crush or Tetris on their cell phones people had to use real objects to spend their "down time" at work. I remember having a Nerf basketball with a little hoop that hung over my office door...
Thrift Store Find Of The Week
Usually when I hit the thrift stores here in Billings I'm looking for Mid Century Modern furniture and accessories. I love the Mad Men look and while I do buy and sell I figure if I get stuck with what I buy then it's something I'll still enjoy...

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