When I got home last night my wife informed me that her parents are wanting to come into town and while they are here visiting they want to stay at our house.

Let me give you a little background on my relationship with her parents. We don't get along...at all. We have completely different views on everything and it isn't pretty when we are around each other. It doesn't help that we are both very passionate about our beliefs and we won't back down on them.

With that said, we haven't seen her parents in a long while and even she is a little nervous about their arrival even though seeing them wouldn't be all that bad for her and the kids.

I looked at her and proceeded to cry. She asked what was wrong. I told her that it was nice that they want to come visit her and the kids but I don't know if I could handle them staying at our house because I just don't want to fight anymore. (insert sniffles here)

She gave me a hug and said she would ask them to stay at a motel because she didn't want anyone uncomfortable. *wink*

I know I am a jerk but I just want to keep the peace as much as possible. I did promise to be a good boy for her and the kid's sake.

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