Does it seem like you are stressed all of the time? I have a smart watch and I discovered the other day that I can check my stress level on it. Pretty cool, until you realize that you're stressed so much that the needle is pegged out. Time to breathe.

I tested it the other morning and it was super low, then I thought I lost the Cher tickets that I had picked up for the stations to give away (about $5K worth), man was I panicked. I tested my stress level and it was so high, I thought my watch would blow up.

I've noticed lately that I am stressed more often than not. I don't know for sure why, I know I can contribute some of it to the recent loss of my Mom and trying to get everything handled, but it goes deeper than that. I can't put my finger on it. Is it work? The family? Medical? Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and that I tend to worry more about the future than I did even five years ago.  What stresses you out?

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