No matter where you call home, do you ever feel like you're living in the most stressful place on the map? A new study from reveals which city in each state has the highest stress levels due to factors like unemployment, commute time and hours worked.

Using the most recent data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey for 2013-2017 and BLS, we ranked each city in America in the following criteria:

  • Unemployment
  • Hours Worked
  • Commute Times
  • Population Density
  • Home Price to Income Ratio
  • Percent of Uninsured Population

The higher a city ranked in any of these areas, the more stressed it was. We then took a closer look at each of the 50 states, and ranked the cities in each state from most stressed to least stressed.

In Montana, Laurel was listed at the Most Stressed City in the state. Jackson had the most potential for stress in Wyoming.

The top 5 Most Stressed Cities in America from

  1. West New York, NJ
  2. Huron, CA
  3. South Miami, FL
  4. Glassmanor, MD
  5. Edgewater, CO

For the complete list of Most Stressed Cities in each state, CLICK HERE.

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