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I only played golf twice in the last week but one of those rounds included "The 6 Iron of The Summer." I hit it very crisply, and Pryor Creek started using their new mowers on the greens, which had increased the number on the old stimpmeter. Lagging has just gotten harder.

It's still time to let Cobb Field (Dehler Park for those of you who got sponsorship money) be open to the public.

From an earlier post this week, I found out that a lot of people liked the movie "Silverado."

I learned this week that only Washington, Florida, and Montana don't require motorcycles to carry insurance.

We also learned about the popularity of Jack's Pizza after Paul wrote about frozen pizzas. My friend, Jack, runs Godfather's Pizza. So when someone says "Jack's Pizza," I'm thinking thin-crust Super Taco in the game room at Godfather's.

You've got 30 days to get refunds on your Cher tickets, and I strongly believe that they're not going to let us have old school concerts at Metra with 10,000 fans ever again.

Masks work. Masks don't work. You have to wear a mask now to walk to your table at restaurants but can take it off when you sit down. Also, how my seeing the loss of freedoms to others is not as important as wearing a mask. I'm done arguing with people about it.

I happened across the video for Weird Al Yankovic's "Chicken Pot Pie" which is a parody of Paul McCartney's "Live & Let Die." If you go to the trouble of looking it up, wait until he gets to the part where he clucks like a chicken. It's pretty funny. My kind of humor.

It doesn't appear that you can buy lawn darts with points anymore, and we're pretty sure it's not an event in the Big Sky State Games this weekend.

It's funny how your mind wanders sometimes. Although my dad's been gone 5 years, I needed to talk to him this week. I even reached for my phone before realizing what I was doing. I had a question for him about the bass line in the song "It Never Rains In Southern California."

Finally, while most of my weeks are pretty good, this one isn't. I'm attending a funeral today of a good friend who loved to laugh as much as I do. Smilin' John is gone too soon. But, I found a shirt he would've loved. In fact, I can hear it in John's voice in my head. "That's a TERRIBLE idea. What Time?" Rest Easy, Smilin' John.

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