Have you ever seen someone with an interesting collection? Maybe that someone is you?

A new study says what you collect can tell a lot about your personality, according to psychologist Dr. Elayne Kahn.

Try it for your self!

Baby Shoes
You're very nostalgic, and you're family-oriented. You have happy memories of when your family members were young.

Old Love Letters
Definitely a romantic, you believe in love and cry at sad movies. You still remember your very first date. You love hearing from old friends. More of a dreamer than a practical person, you're not scared to take chances.

Old Address/Phone Books
You feel that the old ways are often the best, so you're slow to change. You like antiques and would rather fix an old item than buy a new one.

Clothing That Is Out-Of-Style
An eternal optimist, you're an individualist who'd rather do what you like than what you're told. You don't make many mistakes because you've learned from the past.

Old Photos
You've had a lot of good times and enjoy remembering them. You look for the best in people and tend to overlook their faults.

Canceled Checks/Receipts
A logical, practical person, you're in control and rarely lose your temper.

Old Magazines/Newspapers
Idle time makes you nervous. You run your house or business very well. You're intellectual and like to plan ahead and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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