In case you missed it, we had both Bill Dutcher and Ray Massie from Metra in this morning to talk about this years Fair.

Value passes can be purchased right now for 64 dollars. They go up to $69 on Monday. And this gets you into all of the concerts, and rodeo performances. Then, after the shows, you get admitted to the fair for free. Pretty good deal.

Also, buy all of your discounted gate admissions before the fair starts on Friday, August 10th, which is also "Sneak A Peek" night. Admission is only five bucks that night.

Also, if you would like to drink a beer, you don't have to stay in the beer garden. You can grab a beer an take it with you while you're walking around or having a bite to eat.

And a couple of new rides are coming this year. One is called "Black Out". Check it out on YouTube. I won't be riding it.

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