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I know that I'm going to come off sounding like my grandfather use to, but what's the deal with all of the out of state license plates, and those drivers doing twenty-five miles over the speed limit on Main Street and then diving in front of me and dynamiting their brakes?

Does anybody else notice what seems to be a higher percentage of these out of state plates? Because I've talked to several folks who agree with me. If it was mid-July, smack dab in the middle of road trip season, it wouldn't seem so odd. But once we get snow, that number usually goes down dramatically.

I've written before that people who tailgate me make me furious. I would like to add the gentleman in the grey BMW who was doing in the neighborhood of 75 miles per hour when he dove in front of me yesterday and sprayed rocks on my pickup, he had California plates.

I rarely lose my temper, so it kind of cracks me up how mad those people make me. I try to give other drivers a decent amount of space when I'm driving because a lot of people are very nervous behind the wheel.

So my message today is to be kind in traffic. Leave some room for the drivers coming out of the fast-food places when your line of cars isn't moving anyway. And use lots of "thank you's" and waves when other drivers do nice things for you.

To the drivers who are alone in their vehicles and wearing their masks, don't worry. I'm already giving you extra space.

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