From the beginning, I haven't bought into the way our government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

I'm not at risk. I don't have any of the things that make me more susceptible to contracting the disease. As I previously wrote back when this all started, why do I have to stay home? I choose to live my life the way I always do. It's just now the shopping carts and golf carts are a heck of a lot cleaner.

Did some bars and restaurants need to turn up their cleaning practices? Probably. Did a lot more people start washing their hands after we learned that it's a good way to stop the spread? Apparently. Do I touch my face too much? Yep. Guilty.

But now you can't hardly find a place to park your camper at any of the campgrounds. and the ATV trails are jam-packed with people "getting away from it all."

If you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. If you don't, then don't. It bothers me greatly that so few acknowledge the loss of some of our freedoms.

I'm not seeing fear at the places that I go to eat and drink. I see businesses that now have less wait staff who have to work harder and faster because exactly nobody at their place of employment has tested positive for anything.

I agree that those at risk should be careful, wear a mask, and stay 6-feet apart from others when you're at the grocery store. In fact, I respect those who are wearing their mask. I give them room. But from what I'm seeing when I'm out, people who are not in fear, not wearing masks, and not buying what our county health director is selling.

Where do you stand? And how much of the restrictions are affecting you?

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