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Jersey Mike's now has a presence in Billings. And Chick-fil-A is on their way.

I've heard rumblings from people through the years. "How come we can't get a T.G.I Friday's here?" And while I don't know the answer, I'm willing to bet that it's tied to money.

These national franchises do in-depth research before coming into a new market. Factors include population, available real estate where they want to build, traffic studies, and much more.

I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but many years ago I was told that Wendy's didn't do their own research when trying to decide where to build a new restaurant. Rather, they would just buy the piece of ground closest to a Mcdonald's, figuring that Mcdonald's had already done the research.

I would readily admit that I never imagined that Billings heights would be able to support TWO McDonalds! And not only support, but they are both almost always busy.

I was pretty excited back when Red Lobster opened because cheap crab legs appeal to me. That being said, I haven't eaten there in about four or five years.

If I had my druthers for the next franchise to come to the 406, I'd vote for "Top Golf," a driving range mixed with a bar and restaurant.

But again, do we have enough golfers to support it when you have a couple of options to play indoor golf already with The Back 9 Lounge and Mitchell's downtown? Most likely not.

I know that there was a Hooters in Missoula for a few years, but they went out of business too.

Who do you want to see come to Billings?

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