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The Capitol has 25,000 troops and guard members in place to guard the inauguration celebration, according to an article in Newsweek. In addition, police from the D.C. area will also be there along with the secret service and FBI. They also have the authority to use lethal force if necessary. Who gave that order by the way, does anyone know? Last night on Fox News they showed the video of all the burning and destruction that went on in Washington during President Trump's inauguration. Did anyone have the authority to shoot citizens at that one? We now have thousands of people heading to the border for all the promises that Biden and others pledged during the primary and campaign. 25,000 troops and armored vehicles to prevent Americans from getting into the Capitol grounds and a wave of undocumented and medically unchecked people ready to storm the gate at the border and no additional help. Something is wrong here. See ya tomorrow at 5.

PHOTOS: Scene at U.S. Capitol shows chaos and violence


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