Tomorrow (Tuesday) is National Sandwich Day, and while Michael Foth found many great places around Billings to go out and enjoy something tasty between two pieces of bread, some of us may want to cook up a favorite sammich from the house.

One of my "go-to" sandwiches that I create at home is the classic B.L.T. To make the Johnny V. BLT, you need 4 pieces of bacon, romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and mayo. Plus, the toast has to be at a perfect consistency.

On my toaster, I put the setting right in the middle to get the perfect burn on each side. Which made me wonder when I was looking at the heat setting on the toaster, does everybody just put it in the middle? And is there a human who actually cranks the toaster heat up to the highest setting? That toast must look like charcoal.

I decided to put that question to a scientific test and find what kind of toast comes out from the lowest, to the highest setting.

When the toaster is on the lowest possible setting, it's just warm bread. Not even toasted enough to spread margarine without tearing through the bread:

toast low (1)

This is what I call the perfect toast, with the setting right in the middle around 3-4.

Toast perfect (1)

When you crank it all the way up to a 7, it would tear your mouth apart trying to eat it. And it could possibly be used as a charcoal briquette.

Toast burnt (1)

Time to VOTE! Let's find out how Montana decides to take their toast in the survey below. We will announce the results in a following story.

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