First of all, the answer to your question "Is this really all you have to worry about all day?" Yes. It is. I know.

About 8:30 this morning, Paul and I got to talking about French fries and whose we each like the best. As I researched what Americans like, I ran across a couple of franchises that I've never been to, like Whataburger and Chick-fil-A.

One constant, at least for me, is texture. No Crinkle cut fries, thank you. My top three would be:

3) Red Robin

2) Wendy's

1) Arby's "Curly Fries"

Now, Burger Dive would be in there, but I'm just thinking about the fast food places. Also, any place that covers their fries in cheese, chili and any other condiment that gets us near the term "loaded."

I had a girlfriend who used to cut up potatoes, soak them in ice water for 30 minutes then fry them on the stove.

Tomorrow's blog will be entitled, "I wonder how I got fat in the first place?"

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