With Terry Clark coming to Homesteader Days this year (and a chance to meet her), it got me thinking about my various crushes I had in the 90's and how I feel about them now.

As far as famous country ladies of the 90's go, I would bet Shania Twain would top the list, but she didn't top mine.

Shania Twain Performs At Staples Center
credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Don't get me wrong, she was on it, but honestly, I was (and am) more of a Martina McBride kind of guy. Amazing talent, beautiful blue eyes and seemingly a sweet personality. Martina is beautiful, but never tried to be a sex symbol, but always seemed very wholesome, which for a small town naive guy like myself was appealing.

4th ACM Party For A Cause Festival - Day 1 - Show
credit: Isaac Brekken ,Getty Images for ACM

Of course, Faith Hill was definitely one of the 90's "most beautiful people", but the simple guys like me were more into the less glamorous country girls...like Terry Clark.

Who was your biggest celebrity crush back in those days?

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