We had such an intense winter that I made a promise to myself to take advantage of the warm weather when it finally arrived. I spend too much of my time inside an office or studio and even though we do have a great view, it's no substitute for fresh air and sunshine. In addition to the physical outdoor activities I've been doing (mainly riding bikes with my daughter and taking walks), I'd like to start doing some patio dining at least once a week. In fact, I'd like to go on a quest to see which restaurant has the best patio in town.

I had lunch at Bistecca this afternoon and it was a near perfect scene...not too much wind, just the right amount of sun, an absence of annoying insects. I'm a sucker for places on Poly anyway, but Bistecca might be my favorite patio setting in Billings (so far). To be fair, I have eaten there when there is enough cotton blowing around that it looks like a snow flurry, but that stuff seemed to be settled down today.

So, where's the next stop on my tour? I'm leaving it up to you. If it's worth the drive, I'm not limited to Billings, but I do ask that in addition to the scenery they have good food and that lunch is less than $20.

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