I've got a lot of things I should be selling at next week's big garage sale, but there are some things I just can't seem to part with. I'm not talking about sentimental stuff, but there are tools, electronics, musical equipment and various other crap that I just don't need anymore; however, when I pick them up to put them in the BBGS pile, I think, "I might need this someday" and return it to the clutter in my garage or house.

I'm bad, but my kid is ten times worse. She doesn't want to part with anything. I put things in the pile to sell and as soon as she notices it's, "Hey, you can't sell that. I love that!", even though it's been in her closet, untouched, for two years.  It's my theory that pretty much every family has one of those types, so who's the packrat in your family?

For the record, my solution was to tell my daughter that I'm going to get rid of some things I want and she has to do the same.  Then, she can take some of her money and use it for something fun. She seems to be excited about the idea, but we'll see how it goes when I start getting the boxes ready.


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